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Present Music infuses Milwaukee Public Museum with sound

"Present Music took to the theaters and exhibits spaces of the Milwaukee Public Museum Saturday evening with a program designed for the eclectic spaces.

When playing in a cabinet of curiosities, what better program to present than a musical cabinet of curiosities, in this case, one covering pieces written between 1971 and 2017.

The audience, divided into four groups, each badged with one of the four topics in the program's “Time, Nature, Culture, Sound” theme, set off for different corners of the museum for the beginning of the program.

Throughout the evening, audience groups moved between theaters and exhibits in the museum, as the performers repeated their performances for each group.

Inside the Soref National Geographic Dome Theater and Planetarium, the audience gazed at a constantly shifting, hypnotic display of cosmic vistas and phenomena, accompanied the world premiere of C. Olivia Valenza’s “A Slower Speed of Light,” performed by guitarist Nicholas Elert, and a shimmering performance of Somei Satoh’s “The Heavenly Spheres are Illuminated by Lights” (1979), by soprano Chelsie Propst, pianist Jeff Stanek and percussionist James McKenzie."


For the full article, visit the Journal Sentinel Online.

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